Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Butler Park Outdoor Court

OK, here's a look at a very logical choice for an outdoor pickleball court...as long as it is used for informal and beginner play.  One constraint of the court makes it unsuitable for intermediate and advanced play.  We'll get to that later.

In the meantime, here's how this post works.  First, we're going to show you where this court is located and then drill down to look closer at the layout of the court itself.  Then we're going to go onto the court itself and show you how the actual pickleball court would lay out with respect to the pre-existing tennis court.  It's a very long post so be patient or be gone.  All photo captions and narratives are below each photo.
 The above photo shows just how far away the outdoor court is from the courts inside the Community Center Gym at Hollamon and Main Street.  Basically, Butler Park is located west of the High School.  We haven't measured the actual odometer distance but we're guessing 2-3 miles.
 The above photo shows where the court lies with respect to the Camp Verde High School on Montezuma Castle Highway north of OTCV (Old Town Camp Verde).
 It's a long walk from the  parking area to the Butler Park Tennis Court.  As far as we can tell, this is Camp Verde's ONLY tennis court.  Please correct us if we are wrong on that.  Anyway, you'd want a gear carrier of some sort.  A wheel barrow or an appliance truck would work fine to carry gear from the parking area to the court--it's quite a long way.  Eventually, we will get a measuring wheel and tell you precisely just how far it is in feet, meters and yards.
Technically, there's enough room on either end of this tennis court for a pickleball court (with caveats, of course).  But in reality during winter, there's only one logical court--the one at the north end that gets all the southern sun.  The south end is shaded by a thick tree cover and is not suitable for winter play---standing water stays forever there.

Here's a look at the north end of that tennis court.  Note that it is definitely wide enough for a pickleball court.
The end of the net would butt right up to the chain link fence.  And, yes, that's why this court is only suitable for informal/beginner-style play.  You simply couldn't chase a ball out into this area as you would run head long into the cyclone fence!  Not a good idea.
There's plenty of room on each end of the pickleball court.
Yes, the court surace needs some work but it's not really a big deal.  Just a little bit of elbow grease.
And finally, we'd be marking this court with sidewalk chalk--nothing permanent...yet.  Meanwhile NONE (repeat-after-me: NONE!) of the tennis court lines would be affected by having a pickleball court on one end.  ALL tennis court lines would remain unmolested!

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