Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Camp Verde Pickleball action takes place in the Camp Verde Community Center Gym.  This fine, historic facility once served for decades as the old Camp Verde High School gym.  Online information lists the address as 385 S. Main Street.  While technically correct, that address is a little bit confusing.  The entrance to the gym faces Hollamon Street and that's where you should enter.

There is ample free parking across Hollamon Street from the gym entrance.  Do not use the Main Street door of Camp Verde Parks & Recreation Offices to access the gym.  Please go around to the Hollamon Street side of the facility to enter the gym.

Above is a map that shows the CVCC Gym's location relative to many well known landmarks.

The above view clearly shows the side entrance to the gym in relation to Main Street and Fort Verde State Park.  Note the large free parking lot across Hollamon Street from the gyn.

This view above shows the driver's view looking down Hollamon Street toward Fort Verde State Park.  The small building on the left is the historic 1930's Camp Verde Jail.  Simply pass the jail and turn left into the large free parking lot.  Cross Hollamon and use the main gym entrance.

One more view above showing the relationship of the parking lot of the gym's entrance.

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